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Kala-Kalle's fish delicacies

Welcome to Kala-Kalle's homepage!

By this day Kala-Kalle has manufactured over twenty different fish products. The most popular conserves are Smoked Salmon, Flamed Salmon, Grilled Lavaret, Smoked Vendace and Smoked Baltic Herring. We have three different sauce options which are: turnip rape oil, tomato sauce and water, all Finnish.

All of the conserves are without any added substances, and conserves maintain their freshness for five years, when the product is stored unopened in room temperature. Good-sized can (400g) is easy to open, and all of the products are ready to eat immediately.

Kala-Kallen kalaherkut


Kala-Kallen kalaherkut, Vähäsarja Oy
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